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A pandemic diary

PERSONAL NARRATIVE     by Agnes Prieto The clouds scudded on a pristine blue sky, almost a perfect day… except for a  silence, too quiet. A leaden weight, a lockdown that would end of a flow. No hurry, there was… Pressenza IPA

Bangladesh, a country of all religious groups

Bengali culture/commentary     By Pathik Hasan “Bangladesh finalizes agreement to build Buddhist monastery in Lumbini, Nepal”  This was the headline of Hong Kong-based Global Buddhist Door’s news headline last October 11, 2021. Can anyone imagine that a Muslim country...

Loving Living Animals: The Hawksbill Sea Turtle

ENVIRONMENTAL ESSAY We must safeguard the web of life and care about the other living species that we share this planet with. Pygmy tarsiers eat and host bugs that we’ve seen at home — insects, spiders, lizards, bedbugs, lice, fleas,… Mona Gonzalez


PERSONAL NARRATIVE      Over thirty years ago, I was blessed enough To come in contact with a current of thought, A way of thinking, feeling and acting in the world That has, since then, served as direction and foundation… Karina Lagdameo-Santillan

Depression and post pandemic

We are completing the second year of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, no matter how much we enlighten ourselves, the future is not clear. The economy is more stifled than before and capitalism has long since failed, there is… REHUNO - Red Humanista de Noticias...

Why is a Basic Income necessary?

The situation of precariousness and inequality that emerges from the latest social statistics is reaching levels that are difficult to assume, and the pandemic has contributed to its aggravation. Given the manifest ineffectiveness of the benefits that should provide...

Biden Administration Is Undermining the Venezuela Dialogue

The talks between the Venezuelan government and the extreme-right wing opposition had been going well. There are still outstanding issues to be resolved, like ending the economic war, but the discussions held in Mexico led to concrete electoral developments. The…...