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Anti-NATO in Madrid

Four days before the NATO summit in Madrid and by way of a “welcome”, the “Summit for Peace. NATO NO” prelude to the demonstration against NATO and the wars, which will be held on Sunday 26th and of which we… Álvaro Orús Andreu

‘Nonviolent’ Deaths in War

Despite the waning coverage of the war in Ukraine by the mainstream media, the fighting nonetheless persists. The U.S continues to send billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine, sanctions on Russia persist as the world suffers inflation and a… Carter Myers-Brown

Ecuador: “Stop the Massacre”

“Stop the massacre” was the cry that ran through tears, pain and indignation on the twelfth day of the #ParoNacional2022. By Carlos Crespo “We have had a very difficult day”; “it has been a very strong day”. “We denounce to… Redacción Ecuador

How free are we to decide?

We have a new decision ad portas, this time for the approval or rejection of a proposal for a new Constitution drafted by a group of 154 people (there were 155 but one left because he lied about his health… Rodrigo Andrea Rivas

Sowing Hunger, Reaping Profits

G7 should stop promoting hunger by design and support movements for Food Sovereignty and Agroecology  Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the headlines have been dominated by the warning of a food crisis on the horizon. According to headlines, due… Navdanya...

Winter Solstice, National Indigenous Peoples’ Day

On 21 June, the day of the winter solstice, the National Day of Indigenous Peoples was celebrated for the second time. Law 21.357 recognises and enshrines in our institutions a tradition of the peoples of the American continent who celebrate… Marcelo Trivelli

PM Hasina’s Speech at the Inauguration of the Padma Bridge

On the 25th of June 2022, Bangladesh inaugurated the Padma Bridge, the country’s most anticipated infrastructure project. The grand ceremony took place at the bridge premises. Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, as guest-of-honor, took the podium at 10:49 AM…...

Rakiduamn: the machinery that silences the sound of death

An investigation that exposes the double standards of extractivism, the visual plot that underlies it and the incidence of a “service company” created to erase the criminal traces (ecocidal) that are produced against all forms of life that inhabit nature.… Gustavo...